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Most touching tribute to Sachin...

The evening of April 23rd 1973 was an ordinary one you would think, Lord our god was havin a regular day, his friends were outside playing cricket. He wanted to join but was too busy making designs & attending to complaints. His friends mocked him, his mom was like, "atta kuthehi jaycha naiye khelayla.kama kara!".He so wanted to play.but determined & powerful as he was he said, "Baas, udya dakhavtoch!". then dawned the pious morning of 24th April 1973 & his show that started on February the 15th 1989 hasn't stopped!

That was the day mankind was blessed with hope, talent, determination, inspiration & that smacking cover-drive. God said "let there be a player for those who can't play, cuz maybe they are busy, have duties, are ill equipped in any way, have dreams, lack determination, need inspiration, need addictions, need something to take their mind off things, are disabled, basically for all mortals.Karachi drew flak but confirmed entry, But ."Mai Khelega" hinted longevity & determination.

Manchester '90 hinted at genius, Chennai '93 claimed singularity, Sydney '92 meant prodigal; Perth '92 was magical, Colombo '94 implied belonging; Nottingham '96 confirmed genius, Cape Town '97 was princely, Sharjah '98 confirmed coronation; Dhaka '99 displayed performance; Bristol '99 showed passion, responsibility & emotions Chepauk '99 was tragic, hinted human; Chepauk '99 & '08 confirmed peerless & granted redemption, Natwest '03 showed adaptability & commitment, Sydney '04 hinted @ sainthood, Dhaka '04 was comeback, Hamilton '09 was Supremacy Re-Born; Sydney '08 exorcised the demons; Eden Gardens '10 was another step. Jaipur'10 confirmed God! Wankhede, Mumbai '11 should not matter.

Forest Gump was a fictitious character who ran for little more than 3 years & won Oscars, this man (?) has been running for more than 20 and still draws flak for the Ferrari! The journey from Shivaji Park to Wankhede of little more than 10 kms takes about 30 minutes by local train, this particular one has lasted 21 years and features more than 30000 instances of running up & down that 22 yard strip. Sometime in the near future he will stop running, take off his guards, hang his boots as they say, put his feet up & enjoy a cheesy-fatty burger & beer for breakfast. Slowly he will be able to do the small things he craves like having the Kirti college wada-pav, hanging out at Marine drive with old pals, not driving the Ferrari, attending award functions or having dinner at Hilton. Sometime in the near future the shoulders will heave a sigh of relief, the fingers will straighten, the heels will cool, the painkillers will stop, the lower back support will come off and the only the eyes will moisten at mentions of Chepauk, Sharjah, Perth & Shivaji Park. He will have done his part, it's another matter whether the people will be satisfied or not. It's not in his hands. Math suggests he will have, but destiny takes over where math ends. We can just Hope & pray.

It's a reality we have to face; and the sooner we accept it the better it will be for us. Ours is a country living in nostalgia & hope, nothing wrong in that. But, sometimes in reminiscing & dreaming we forget to revere the present. Remember in school when after a typical mathematics exam we used to ask the teacher, "Will we get marks for steps?" We had an idea the answer will be wrong, but somehow to us that didn't mean we had not put in efforts. To our parents it always did. Ends should not be a judge of the commitment put in the means.

Remember how our parents did not let us go out for a night out to our friend's farmhouse cuz we were too young @ 17 to do that & it was outside city limits? He was 16, travelling to a country with whom we had fought 3 wars, which remains to this day our biggest enemy & whose bowlers thought that getting a batsman 'out' was to get him to not be physically able to play the next delivery. From the foggy, bloody Karachi morning of February 15th, the dusty Sharjah night, the chilly Manchester morning, the hot Chepauk afternoon to the divine Jaipur evening the journey has attracted all the adjectives this language had to offer. Now we resort to mere sounds, intonations & swear words."Gacchi dakhavli.", "Kadak!", "aaaaaaiiicchhhya gaavat!!!" & "baba laagle" sadly cannot be termed as adjectives.

Coaching, sport merchandising, FMCG & advertising industries were riding solely on him for years, more critics & 'experts' have made money on him than you can imagine, more people must have retired from cricket after he started playing than people appearing on reality shows, every time a teenager shined, his throne was said to be in danger. But he stood. Lasted. All the Graeme Hicks, Saeed Anwars, Inzamams, Pietersens, Pontings, Shane Warnes, Wasim & Waqars, Donalds of the world have come and gone, they just were not enough to deter him. There is no proof that the sun will rise tomorrow, but in this world of seeming chaos there is one order that it is impossible to hide the sun after he rises. There will be prodigies, there will be displays of brilliance, statistics suggests that there might even be someone who will manage to score more runs...but will there be a better on-drive, a more sonorous cover-drive, more conviction in a straight drive, more nirvana in that raised bat, a more joyous celebration of a wicket? Will there be another one? No. End of debate.

This might be sounding a bit pessimistic cuz I am talking about the end of something which all of us who have held a willow fathom, but only because it took me a while to realize that yes we are having difficulties with comprehending what we will do when he is not around anymore, whom will we look up to, where will we dump our sadness? What will unite us? But the bigger problem which we selfishly seem to have overlooked is what will HE do? Not that he is incapable of doing anything else, cuz only God knows what he has created with so much attention & what are his creation's limits, but we seem to think of him as a machine that has been producing since the ribbon was cut 20 years back. We have no memory of him not being around. He has just been there, taken for granted. Just like the sun...

There came a time when he was riding a tiger in search of the tiger; the tiger he was, he knew, he owned & controlled. He was deciphered, figured out, if the critics were to be believed. The believers were quiet & confident. It's been 6 years since a leading newspaper printed an iniquitous headline, 'Endulkar?', I await the day when ill have the power to say to them "In your face!" that is what makes him different from us, he doesn't think about retribution, he thinks about duty.

Taoism says 'be vacant & you shall remain full'; he emptied himself, went back to where it started & retraced his steps and as always just like after the eclipse the sun is brighter he came back stronger. He knew he had the ability, he knew he loved doing it; he had to make his body believe in his love. Today he is truly the Tao of Cricket. I weep for the future of cricket as a visual attraction medium. The silence that follows his wicket is said to be the loudest sound in sports, let us make a deal that the applause that will be heard on his last day on the field shall be one of the most resonating sounds in sporting history. So I ask you all today to clap and contribute to the decibel levels, because the sound needs to reach the heavens, God needs to be told that we are thankful. Gather your tears because we need to repay the sweat. Stand up, fold your hands, close your eyes and worship because none of us will be alive to see another remotely like him.

It won't matter if next time you think you can't pull something off & don't remember 143@ Sharjah, next time you think you are in pain & can't think of 136 @ Chennai or 140 @Bristol, next time you think you can't find a way but don't remember 241 @ Sydney...but remember, every time that you feel your feet are above the ground think of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. We owe him that much...

Cheers & Good Luck to everyone for WC '11...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar, Nothing Else...

Very nice article abt Sachin...

Posted Sunday , November 15, 2009

1999. It was a decade since his debut in international cricket. He had already become a global phenomenon. India had begun worshipping their national idol with spectacular unanimity -- a rare feat by itself. The World Cup tournament was underway, the biggest cricket show on earth. There was mounting euphoria and breathless anticipation all around as India had returned to their ground of renowned conquest of 1983 - England. India was considered a dangerous threat to reigning champions Sri Lanka and looked a redoubtable claimant to the prestigious throne. But every match mattered especially at the qualifying stages. Then suddenly his father died. Sachin Tendulkar was all of 26.

What followed can be easily fathomed. The shocking heart-breaking disclosure. A long and lonely painful flight to India over 10 hours. Security checks and perfunctory procedures to be followed. A family reunion under emotionally draining circumstances. A widowed mother. Pain. Memories. A loss that can never be humanly compensated. But he returned. Another 10 hour long flight. A jet lag, may be. Words of consolation from team-mates. Media attention. Maybe another sleepless night five days in a row. But he was still back. Determined. Resolute. Passionately committed as ever.

We watched him in awe and admiration---virtually thunder-struck, bowled over by his incredible batting. His father's s funeral was perhaps not behind him but still within. But he had summoned preternatural energies, invoked his own inner faith, found his fortitude. Sachin Tendulkar was at Bristol playing a key group match against Kenya. He went on to score a resplendent 140 not out (101 balls), and on reaching the century mark looked up at the skies, in a silent poignant conversation with his just departed father. Perhaps watching him from the heavens. It was a moment that no one who saw that match will ever forget, and even if you were to watch it now, it will bring a lump to your throat. I believe that knock at Bristol symbolizes Tendulkar. A fighter whose love for the game surpasses mortal comprehension. A team man to the ultimate conceivable core. Exceptionally tough from within, with a capacity to internalize adversity, not easily decipherable in that soft voice and chubby cheeks in a still boyish impression. Above all, a very proud Indian.

I am not going to reminisce his several illustrious great knocks and statistical achievements because they are already of legend and will be forever repeated but I do believe there are besides the Bristol knock two other instances that manifest the man Sachin Tendulkar more realistically. I thought his decision to resign from the Indian cricket captaincy has never been properly understood. Or appreciated. There were many who intensely criticised him for chickening out of what seemed as his next natural responsibility in and for Indian cricket. Tendulkar, however, did not think so. He did finally what his inner convictions told him. He had no false illusions. No delusions of grandeur. Leadership is beyond mere cricketing greatness and requires several other human traits to make for impact. His decision to quit captaincy reveals the ultimate test most human beings fail in -- knowing oneself. They say knowing others is wisdom, knowing oneself is enlightenment. Tendulkar chose to play to his strengths, and despite the power, prestige and pride of leading India rejected the top job because he sincerely believed that he did not possess the mettle to take charge of a struggling, beleaguered Indian team requiring a different kind of dynamism at the helm. He would be happier contributing to an Indian win, after all, wasn't that the real reason for playing cricket anyway? As it happened, India was to find a suitable skipper in his southpaw colleague Sourav Ganguly who would go on to become one of India's greatest captains. I think we should also credit Tendulkar for letting that transition happen with dignified ease.

The controversial Multan Test match declaration against Pakistan saw for the first time an emotionally disturbed Sachin, taken perceptibly aback by the sudden decision by his long-standing team-mate and captain Rahul Dravid . He was 6 runs short of a truly hard-earned double hundred against an obdurate bellicose adversary in their own den. I think Sachin felt hugely let down as for the first time he publicly expressed his distressed reaction to the world. What bothered him was not that he had missed a personal career milestone perhaps but the unfortunate corollary that he was playing for personal milestones. He was grievously hurt. What Rahul and he talked in person will have to await their personal autobiographies, but I think it altered personal dynamics within the Indian team forever. It was a defining moment which revealed a visible streak of emotional vulnerability in the brilliant sportsman.

For any professional player in any sport , a physical injury is a horrendous nightmare, a psychological scar that can have serious consequences in their future career. It can destroy a susceptible mind. I remember a famous weekly magazine that had drawn an MRI scanned image of Sachin's entire backbone on the cover with a story that headlined something akin to -- "Is Sachin Tendulkar's career over?" This was after the agonizing defeat by 12 runs against Pakistan in that literally back-breaking and traumatic Chepauk Test loss. Ten years later the man scores a hurricane 175 in 141 balls and runs faster than his 20 something non-strikers. I think the Hyderabad exhibition was to perhaps send a not so subtle message to a Yuvraj Singh & co that you never call a playing colleague with the mental toughness of raging bull - 'Grandpa.' Ever.
Tendulkar's innumerable innings will be perennially cherished, but those who saw it say that his double century within a single day at CCI against Australia where Bombay won the match in three short days, mentally pulverized Shane Warne perpetually into a mango pulp. The Test series victory that followed seemed a logical progression. Almost all my friends only wanted the Sachin Tendulkar tee-shirt that he wore for us in the CricketNext.Com match in Dhaka in 2000. I frankly believe that he is one of the most credible outstanding actors in a television commercial -- even as a brand ambassador his sincerity shows. After all these years, his first captain K Srikanth is still selecting him and erstwhile team-mate Kapil Dev has developed a healthy golf handicap. Tendulkar shares the dressing room with Ishant Sharma , almost half his age. Adaptability has been his characteristic hallmark. It shows.

I was on a flight with him many years ago and Tendulkar was on his way to attending a training camp in Chennai. As we walked from the flight to the arrival lounge I asked him what I think he has been asked a million times. "Just how do you handle the constant and increasing madness of insane public expectations, the distracting cacophony that accompanies you to the ground every time you walk in? The irrational belief that you must score a blazing hundred time after time." His answer was brief and instant. "It is easy. Once you take guard, settle down and take your stance everything else recedes effortlessly into the background. Everything. Then it is just the bowler, his hand and the ball coming at you. Nothing else."

In 1989 I was 28 years. Since then, to use a cliché, change has been a constant. I remember Rajiv Gandhi's dimpled smile and earthy innocence in his handsome countenance. LK Advani's rath-yatra and VP Singh's caste card was to change India' political future and electoral logic. Manmohan Singh's breakthrough liberalization policy and partial devaluation would bring India into the global sphere, even as we watched Jimmy Connors make a dramatic run to the semi-finals of the US Open at the age of 39 on Star Sports, on a satellite channel. Dr Prannoy Roy dazzling us with The World This Week and Newstrack with Madhoo Trehan. Aamir Khan play the charming tapori act in Rangeela and Shah Rukh Khan winning a near-billion hearts with his inimitable romanticism in DDLJ . Mahesh Bhupathi and Leander Paes capturing grand slams. Harshad Mehta and Ketan Parekh , stock market booms and woeful scams. Kargil. A war. A nuclear test. Malls, multiplexes, mobile phones and MS Dhoni. Marathi manoos and Abhinav Bindra . A new India. A new tomorrow.

But somewhere quietly right behind them all, rising unobtrusively into the endless skyline above, towering away and beyond into the blue skies, that same young curly haired boy from Bandra. Sachin Tendulkar. Nothing else....

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1 saal baad!

Hey there... hi... how are u???

wats goin yaar???

My goodness, finally m writing after almost a year! Hmmm... long time huh.... ;)

Sooo many things to share...

So wat was my last blog about??? not difficult to guess I think... ;) Yeah, u got it right... It was based on Sachin! And mind you, nothing has changed... HE is still the best, scoring centuries at will! :) 13k in Tests and 17k in ODIs; 90 centuries in all... that's something! Most players even don't get a chance of playing 90 games in their whole career... That's Sachin Tendulkar for u... The greatest and the Best! :)

Hmmm... btw, I have completed almost 7 months in Infosys. That's one of the reason why I was out of this blogging thing for such a long time! I was in Mysore for my training... It was excellent, I got many new friends there... I enjoyed a lot... Now m in Chennai(Didn't get posting at Pune because of so called Business Requirements! ;)). But I think, everything happens for good... So hoping for the best.

Wat else??? I will try to post regularly... :) Ohhh, one more thing, forgot to wish u Happy New Year... and yeah, before that Happy Diwali, Happy Dashehara... and so on... :P

C ya... have a fantastic time! Take care! :)

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Sachin The Great....

This one is for those who love SRT very much and especially for those people who don't like him! I am not here to mention only his records or stats or centuries or tons of runs......Sachin is a lot more than that!

Here is a man whose name is synonymous with purity, of technique, philosophy and image. Tendulkar was born with extravagant natural talent, but he was also driven and indefatigable. But the talent had to be combined with vigorous hard work, dedication, passion for the game and hunger for success. He came from a middle class family in Mumbai; his father was a Teacher. So it was not like he had every facility to play the game at his backyard. Every morning He used to travel by Local Train to Shivaji Park, practice for whole day there and then return home in the evening. And after returning to the home, he washed his white shirt himself(he had only one, so to use it next day as well) and he had made arrangement for practice at home as well. Putting a tennis ball into socks and hanging it to the ceiling of the roof, and hitting it with the bat.....He practiced untill he slept at the night! and the same routine next day!Even today, he practices with the same intensity and concentration. That is why he is Sachin Tendulkar! -The God of Cricket.

Some of you might say, what is the big deal in all this? There are many cricketers who have performed excellently and some of them might be better than Sachin in some of the aspects. for example Ponting, he is closing in to Sachin's records in Test Matches, he has better average etc. etc. So how Sachin is better than Ponting?

The answer is the ability to play under pressure of expectations. When he goes to bat, 1 billion people want a hundred from him; even if he gets 99, people get hurted. I read somewhere that during an India-Pakistan match, one man died of heart attack when Sachin got out in the nineties. Such are the expectations from him. And he is carrying them for almost 20 years now.

Let's take an example, suppose you play any racing game say NFS. You are very good at it. But if 4-5 people sit around you just to watch how you play, you can never be yourself and play to the best of your ability......this is called as pressure of expectations. There is fear of failure. And to overcome it, is very very difficult!

I would like to share some of the instances that happened with Sachin which place him into a league of his own......

1) During the tour of Pakistan in 1988-89, Sachin was hit by Steaming Waquar Yunis onto head, Sachin fell down and it was bleeding very heavily from his nose. It was the first tour of Sachin. People thought this may be the end of the career for the little man, a 16 year young man was not supposed to take such blows on his head! But surprizingly Sachin got up, told a twelfth man to put some Iodine onto the wound and he was back, immediately after the blow, he cover drove Waquar for a boundry and scored his maiden test fifty in the same test match. It shows if you have will power, you can do anything!

2)Who can forget the year 1998.....It was Sachin's year. He was at his deadly best then. Dancing down the track and wacking Shane Warne, arguably the best leg spinner ever out of the park! He scored 143 and 134 in seminals and finals of Coca Cola Cup in Sharjah to single handedly win the series for India. It was a period when Sachin got out, people used to shut their TVs off. I remember one match in the same series when India was playing against NewZealand, Tendulkar got out on 38 and my father switched off the TV and said game over! I still follow that pattern.

3)Soon after that series, It was World cup 1999 in England. Sachin was in breathtaking form, tearing apart all the bowling attaks. But in the middle of the World Cup, his father passed away. He flew back to India. But kept aside the pain, came back to England and in the very first match against Kenya he smashed 140 from 101 balls. And dedicated his century to his father! This is how much he loves the game!

4)It was 1st March 2003, the big game India versus Pakistan at Supersport Park, Johansberg, SA. India was set a target of 274. It was such a big game that tickets were booked 1 year before the actual game! Pressure situation, but Sachin is a champion and he just needed that challenge. He played like a king, scoring 98 from 75 balls hitting 13 fours and 2 huge sixes, one of which was of the bowling of Shoaib, which I can not forget for my lifetime and I guess neither will any of his fan! We had our board exams starting from 5th, but who cared? I watched the complete match with Extra Innings :) and watched the highlights the next day as well!

5)This is the best insident of all......... There was a Ranji Match going on between Mumbai and Karnataka. There was one guy, don't remember his name, but he got Sachin out. And after that he started crying on the pitch! Sachin was his favorite cricketer and he had just got him out..... Sachin had to go to him and to console him that it is part of the game! I dont't think anywhere in this world at any time such thing could happen!

There are hundreds of such stories of Sachin. Who can forget the test match in Perth in 1992, Hero Honda Cup in 1993 where he gave only 3 runs of the final over to help India win the final, match against Pakistan in Chennai(1999) where India lost by 12 runs; he made an outstanding 136 and was declared Man of the Match but he didn't come to receive the award as he was so disappointed that he was literally crying in the dressing room. 116 in Melborne when all others were struggling to take singles! 241 in Adelaid which had no cover drive as he was criticized of fending at the balls outside his off stump. Recently 117* and 91 in the VB series finals to help India beat Aussies in their own backyard! And before that he made two centuries in Test series against Aussies. And it can go on and on........

He has spent more than half of his life onto Cricket Field. His sheer presence is enough to boost the moral of the team. He does charities but never speaks a word about it. And above all, he is a great human being. Such a humble person. Does the talking with his bat only.

There was a list declared by ICC some days ago which included top 100(?) test batsmen ever; it had Sachin at 26th number! I can't understand what measures those people used but the measures can't be based on cricket.....Maybe they have considered the ability to sledge and all non-cricket things as well and that's why there are so many Australians in that list! Anyways He doen't need any of such ranking! He is the best cricketer of modern Era.

Leaving you with some of the quotes from cricketing legends and experts.......Enjoy!

"I hate losing and cricket being my first love, once I enter the ground it's a different zone altogether and that hunger for winning is always there." --Sachin

"I'll be going to bed having nightmares of Sachin just running down the wicket and belting me back over the head for six. He was unstoppable. I don't think anyone, apart from Don Bradman, is in the same class as Sachin Tendulkar. He is just an amazing player"--Shane Warne

"If I've to bowl to Sachin, I'll bowl with my helmet on. He hits the ball so hard"--Dennis Lillee

"I have seen God. He bats at number 4 for India"--Mathew Hayden

"He's 99.5 percent perfect"--Viv Richards

"Sachin Tendulkar is a genius. I'm a mere mortal"--Brian Lara

"If sachin plays well..india sleeps well"--Harsha bhogle

"Beneath the helmet, under that unruly curly hair, inside the cranium, there is something we don't know, something beyond scientific measure. Something that allows him to soar, to roam a territory of sport that, forget us, even those who are gifted enough to play alongside him cannot even fathom. When he goes out to bat, people switch on their television sets and switch off their lives."--BBC Sports

I saw him playing on television and was struck by his technique, so I asked my wife to come look at him. Now I never saw myself play, but I feel that this player is playing much the same as I used to play, and she looked at him on Television and said yes, there is a similarity between the two...hi compactness, technique, stroke production... it all seemed to gel! in reference to Sachin Tendulkar. --Sir Don Bradman

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Happy hours......

I always wonder how can a person talk continuously for 3-4 hours on his cellphone??? I mean what can be the topic of discussion? (I bet it would not be related to Terrorism, or economic crisis, or inflation etc etc!) Some of my friends are the example of this....and when asked about it, their answer is very simple i.e. "Kuch nahi yar aisehi idhar udhar ki baatein kar raha tha"..... I guess this is the magic of Happy Hours....

Happy hours means the time during which u can talk with your 'dear ones' in very low cost.....There are sooo many service providers for cellphones and each of them has a scheme which allows us to virtually make free calls......and It leads to funny situations some times....

One day, I was supposed to meet my friend who had come to Pune; So I went to the Parking lot, in front of our hostel building to take out my bike. And there was one guy who was sitting on my bike, I think he would have been having an Interesting conversation on the phone.....I approached him(I had no intention of disturbing him!), and that time he looked at me so furiously, hung up the phone and said, "kay re, kalat nahi ka tula???".... I said, "abe ******, i just want to take out my bike...."

There was one gentleman, my very good friend (naav nahi sangnar but u will come to know after reading this!), one day we went to have dinner and he got a call from his 'close friend' ....and he said, "aloch re 2 minitat"....I said "ok.....amhi jato pudhe". And he was there on phone for 1 hour or so and missed his meal.......(bye the way, it was not during happy hrs, they were in Airtel Group!)

There are many of such funny situations that occur each and every day.....I will list some of them in short......

Sitting on the roof of Hostel building and talking for hours......(I actually saw such guy.....I thought whether he is going to jump or what! :D)
People talking while sleeping......(They wrap up themselves with blanket, and still manage to talk!). I have seen guys talking on phone at 5AM.......I can't imagine to be awake at 5AM!
Digging holes in the ground while talking...... :D And damaging our pitch(where we play cricket! :D)
Some people have the habit of walking while talking(I am one of them :P).....If on average, somebody talks for 3 hrs, he must have walked 10 kms.....and it is really cool.....They get good exercise as well!

Ironically, I use two cellphones......Airtel and Tata Indicom! So most of the things mentioned above are from my personal experiences......
Some of my friends will not like this......but it was not personal......So apologies(?) for those guys....... :D
Now you can understand, why Telecom companies are still having profits even in the period of recession......Anyways guys, enjoy..... have a rocking time.....keep on talking!!!! :)
Bye....c ya!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

National Defence Academy.....

Exactly three years before, on the very day i.e. 9th Jan 2006, on 0700 hrs, I was supposed to be at the Varanasi Railway Station. No, I hadn't gone to meet my girlfriend.... ;) I was waiting for a bus which was going to take me for the SSB interviews for Indian Air Force!
It all started when I was in 12th......One of my friend told me that there is some exam called NDA....which is an entrance exam for Army, Navy, Air Force and Naval Academy.....It sounded interesting.....And I decided to take a shot at it......I filled up the form and chose Mumbai as the examination center.....I prepared for some 3-4 days and took the exam, It had Maths, which is my all time favorite subject :) and general ability(English, Physics, Chemistry, General Science, Social Studies, Geography, Current Events). I came back to Dhule.....after some days I got a letter from Indian Air Force and I was called to Mysore for SSB interviews......It was unbelievable.....lacs of people appear for the exam and I was one of the very few who were called and that too for IAF......I was over the moon.....but soon fell down :D ....The schedule was colliding with the HSC I wrote a letter to them regarding my problem.....After 15 days, I got another letter from IAF and they had allowed me to be in the absentee batch, but again the date was on which my final paper was....I again wrote a letter to them and said that I couldn't come because of some academic reasons.....

On a Sunday, after the HSC exams(before Engg CET), I was watching a cricket match and a postman came and I took the letters from him.....I gave the letters to my mom and started watching the match again......My mom said me that there is a letter from Air Force.....I said how is it possible? I had said no to them...... and they don't give a Third chance.....but it was really there.....and I was called to Mysore on 4-4-2005 at 0700 hrs! But there was again a problem......I was preparing(?) for Engg CET and SSB would have taken a week from my precious time... ;)

My dad consulted Major Kayde, who lived in Mumbai and he told that I must have got excellent marks in the written exam(that's why they gave me three chances), and I must go my parents who wanted me to become an Air Force Officer, insisted on me going to Mysore.....they promised me that even if i get less marks in CET, it will not be any problem! So I decided to go to Mysore with my father.....

On 4-4-2005, I was there at the Mysore Railway Station at 7 o'clock sharp. It was an absentee batch, so not many people were there......but most of them looked very much prepared and ready for the challenge. I was the youngest one there(I wasn't even 17 then).....And I was given a number 1, as I was the youngest! So we were taken to the cantonment area and told to have rest for one day. In the evening we had briefing about what will be expected from us in the place and next morning we had our screening test. We introduced ourselves to the other individuals who had come for the interview.

The atmosphere there was absolutely amazing, everyone was so disciplined, the campus was clean and tidy. And to my delight, the food was awesome......It had 3 types of Non Veg.....many sweets and so much.....but I was told by my room partner to be careful while eating, because we were constantly observed by the people there......even how u sleep is also observed :P . But the real thing was that there were Fighter planes in the campus....I got a chance to get into a MiG......I was there in the Pilot's seat......It is one of the most exciting moment in my life......

But the real story started the day after tomorrow, we were having Tests from 5 am to 2 pm.....So I got up early(which was not a problem for me....I generally get up early!) and said to myself "Round 1".......On first day, tests included some basic quant, PABT(Pilot Aptitude Battery Test), and some games were there.....I did excellent on Day 1, and I got the second highest number of Points.....So day 1 ended in a good way for me!

Second day was not that easy for me.....It had PPT(picture perception test) and a group discussion on that basis. In the picture perception test we were shown a very blur image and we had to write a story on it and conditions on what led to that situation and what will happen in the future. I saw the picture and wrote down whatever I thought about it......But the main problem was GD..... as a 17 year boy from Dhule, I was not used to GD at all......actually I had heard the term for the first time nobody gave me a chance to speak and I was not selected for further Interviews......The Officer called me up in his office, there was a TV there and a match was going on......India vs Pakistan at Vishakhapattanam, the match where Dhoni scored 148! I was so involved in the match that i didn't notice that the Officer was there in the room! That's how much I love the game of cricket! :)

He asked me, whether I was not ready for the GD or what, and I told him that I wasn't aware of how a GD takes place(I didn't know that people look like killing you when you try to speak up!). He was impressed very much and I remember his words till date....He said "Don't get discouraged were not ready for this, you are just too young right now! I am not consoling you, I want you back here next time......". Nearly 60% of the people were rejected till that stage and we were escorted to the Railway Station and I headed back to Dhule with my father.....My father was a bit disappointed but he said that it was ok.....Everything happens for a reason!
After getting back to Dhule I started preparing for CET, and luckily enough I got pretty good marks and got admission to my dream college.....COEP!!!! After getting admission, I left the thought of NDA, but my mom wanted me to take the exam again....and try it for the last time.....I did so, and again I was called for SSB interviews for Air Force, this time in Varanasi.......It was the very day three years back......9-1-2006!
In one of the interview there, I said them that I have got admission to an Engineering College and I will be doing Engineering I wasn't selected there! I came back and joined COEP Computers.......

Sometimes When I see a fighter plane flying in the sky, I say to myself......."hey, I could have been there....!" But no regrets.....I am happy with Engineering!!!!! :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year!!!!

After the 'New Year's Party', We all came back to the Hostel at around 1 am, I laid down on my bed and a thought struck my was this year for me?...... a simple question but with very complex answer! Suddenly I went into flashback and recalled the whole year.......
I must say, this is the end of the most 'Eventful' year of my life and start of the most 'promising' year as well......I have learnt a lot from life, I have gone through the most happy moments and sad moments of my life, I think I have improved tremendously Personally, Socially, Professionally and Academically as well ;) And the credit goes to My family and to my friends (I will not mention their names because of security reasons ;) but I really thank them for being with me, supporting me and sometimes for coping with my moody and short tempered nature......)
People talk about resolutions, they decide something but forget the next day…..I have made a list of resolutions…….and on the top of that list is “I want to be Happy!”.U can’t define Happiness, but you can say that it is a state of our mind……I believe, If u think positive, you are always happy!!! Sounds very strange thing but that’s the way it is! (Hey, getting a bit philosophical???) Forget it……..
Leaving you with a poem which I copied from Internet :D (I am not a poet…..and Engineers are supposed to Cut and Paste!!!)
I wish all of you a Very Happy New Year, may God bless you…….may all your dreams come true……have a Smiling year!!!!!!!

I wish you Health...
So you may enjoy each day in comfort.
I wish you the Love of friends and family...
And Peace within your heart.
I wish you the Beauty of nature...
That you may enjoy the work of God.
I wish you Wisdom to choose priorities...
For those things that really matter in life.
I wish you Generosity so you may share...
All good things that come to you.
I wish you Happiness and Joy...
And Blessings for the New Year.
I wish you the best of everything...
That you so well deserve.